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Welcome to EREB31 website

On behalf of all the women and men who are part of our organization, we would like to express our gratitude to all our clients and readers for the trust they have placed in us so far.

Many of you have asked us about the meaning of EREB31, curious about the numerical Association with the name.

According to some research, the etymology of the name “Europe” is derived from the word “ereb,” which means “west,” used by the Phoenicians (around 1500-600 BC) to indicate all the countries west of present-day Syria and Lebanon.

The numerical association, on the other hand, derives from the natural expansion that we have envisioned for our organization.

We are facing a great challenge, the number 27, which is currently the number of member states in the European Union, and 4, the number of countries that we believe will join in the coming years.

The names of the countries that make up the 4 are the most curious part for everyone, but this is a secret that cannot be revealed ☺, the subject of a friendly bet.

So here is EREB31, born from a great challenge in terms of numbers and goals, such as attention and the challenge towards a sustainable energy transition.